Monday, October 11, 2010

its been too long ... far far too long

well thanks to a very very good friend who poked and prodded me until I ran, So with my youngest child sleeping and my husband at home, I ran outside. I couldn't find my ear-buds, my sports bra and couldn't figure out how to take my water bottle, so I left it. It started out well enough. I couldn't wait to get past the first 5 min walk but i slowed my first run with 15 seconds left to run, out of the six 90 second intervals i can honestly only say that i was able to run for 2. Better 2 than none right ? running outdoors was a nice change, the feeling of going somewhere was a bit invigorating. the pain in my side returned and I struggled to run past it. Thankfully there was only one small hill and it didn't cause too much trouble. My girls had a mind of their own and i defiantly got some looks from people driving by and not to mention the soreness in my chest. when I got home i felt like crap a big pile of crap, my legs felt like id ran a marathon, my whole body was like jello. On that run i wished id had my water bottle. I am disappointed in my efforts in a way that i know i would have ran harder on a treadmill but I am thankful and a bit proud that I did it. So on this Canadian thanksgiving, I want to say that I am soo thankful for the people that have supported me and continue to do so. Happy thanksgiving !

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