Monday, September 13, 2010

Bag O Poo

That's right, today i feel like a bag of poo. i am just really tired :( I think it may have been my time in the pool after my run that's kicking the crap out of me today. I am dreading walking my son to school and then walking home with my girls (4 and 17months) then walking back down with the girls and picking up my son and all of us walking back. i know this is nothing compared to the run i undertook yesterday but, ick. I guess I'm just having one of  those days. I'm really hoping that I can secure a treadmill for home soon so i can run at home. Oh well i guess it would be better if i got one closer to or after, when we have our own place. Then i can run while the baby naps. What a dream that would be ;) ell the sky is turning blue with lovley fluffy clouds so i guess its time to get everyone ready to walk.


I did my walking today and it was a good solid 30 minutes each round, but it was good. Exercise defiantly helps your mood. I think Ive hit a switch though it seems as though since i started this journey even a 30 min walk makes me sweat. On the first run to the school I wore goomba ( my 17 month old) on my back. My head somehow feels clearer after a walk or run. On the way out the door to pick my son up I grabbed some change just in case i couldn't live without a pop on the way. I also took a large kanteen of water, the kanteen is empty and the change is still in my pocket though ! I do have a Dr pepper in the fridge to have with dinner. That's my pop strategy, one a day. Last night my pop at dinner lasted me until midnight and we at at 6:30. I feel good. All in all my calves are sore but I feel really good.

9:30 pm ......

Ive had my doctor pepper and I am craving another, ALOT ! I have one in the fridge for tomorrow but instead I am drinking mint tea. Its actually pretty darn good. I went to the grocery store to get some nut free granola bars and i picked up some skim milk and special K for breakfast. I know i have to eat 3 meals a day and sometimes that's a struggle. I really hope that I can get a handle on all of this. i am struggling with whats better to cut down on carbs or calories ?.. I really love carbs and think a balance of both is a better choice. I am not counting calories at this point but I know that may come in the future. The cereal is lower than the rest on the shelf in carbs and the milk is lower in fat. Im really concerned that by learning more about nutrition I will learn that I am making awful choices.. And to top it all off I have no Idea where to start... Sigh ... I must remember slowly but surely

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  1. You are going to drive yourself insane fussing over carbs and calories. Cut down on sugars and be concerned about portion size and enjoy a LITTLE of everything. You will be sucessful. Remember you didn't get to your shape in a couple of days and you won't change in a couple of days it takes time. Mary