Sunday, September 19, 2010

I will survive

Well, today was the official 2nd day of week two and day one was a brew-ha-ha. I really felt more like flying to the moon than running, however, running unlike flying to the moon is not optional. So we packed swimming stuff for the kids and all went to the rec center. After a good deal of stress, i got the husband and kids off to the pool, And me headed toward the treadmill. I feel better and better walking in there. For the first time in a very very long time I am comfortable in my own skin. i know i am not think and not in shape but damn it I can do that !! I immediately get on my favorite treadmill and start my podcast. I am intimidated by this particular podcast as it kicked my butt a bit last time( okay a lot bit). so i do warm up and feel like its the longest 5 min of my life. As I am walking an older man .. maybe 50 gets in the one beside me, just to be clear i could poke this man in the eye he is that close, He is in very good shape and in a race, i would defiantly be the tortoise, not the hare, better the tortoise than an onlooker though. I realize that i am not intimidated by this man at all, I know where my fitness level lies and right now im okay with that. Better to be here struggling to run for 90 second intervals than on my couch eating chips. I watch him a bit as I really want to be good at this and notice that his form is much more runner-esk than mine, his knees are raised higher and he runs one heck of a lot faster, I'm okay with that I figure all in good time. I do realize that breathing properly is more difficult and after the 90 seconds it takes 20-30 to get my breathing back to normal. I wonder who I should ask about this ? Also two treadmills over is the lady that too a picture of me and K on our first week, she smiles, I wonder has she read this and does she think less of me ? I hope not. on my second of 5 or 6 intervals my right calf is in a lot of pain, but n the bright side my feet are much happier in my indoor shoes. I tried to run through the pain but the truth is while it subsided it did not go away completely. during my 90s intervals the last 10- 15s i had to slow down a touch, but i didn't stop running. That's a place to start. I have one day left of week two but i think i will run it twice more just till i'm more comfortable.

Getting out of the pool after was sheer chaos and i almost had a complete breakdown/ freak out. A large stress was lifter off of us today but I know that there is more to come. We will be moving soon and that means a different gym, i wonder will I be so confident in a different gym ? will it hurt my confidence ? I am going to try and not let it !! Also a good friend of mine mention that she was interested in aqua fit classes, so i think i will hit her up on that and do that too !!! I noticed today that my pants do feel bigger in the waist and my breasts seem to fit a lot better in my bras. Ya never know maybe one day I will be able to wear a bra not from a specialty store !! that would be great !!! that'll be the day :)

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