Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love my shoes :)

So the day started out with my 2 least favourite activities, weighing myself and buying shoes, I am now down to 189.2 hooray !!! that was a good start. I go to mallards sports to look at running shoes,  WHOLY FREAKIN STICKER SHOCK !!!! have you seen the price of a good pair ?? they start at 100 and go wayyyyy up from there, i figured i could find a pair for 60.00 yeah right LOL anyways i go into this store and the young girl that helps me looks very unenthused about her job, shes nice but clearly doesnt wanna be there ICK, I try on about 5 pairs of shoes and decided that I like the nikes best as they fit wider, the ones i like are 129.99 OMGosh, then add HST there goes another 15.00 .. theese are now 150.00dollar running shoes. I am really weary of spending this much money on shoes, really quite alot actually. So i tell her I have to think about itand i might be back. I meet up with my husband and we go the next city over and go to athletes world. I didn't wanna do this, my mind says i am not an athlete at all ! However upon entering and starting too look at shoes a young but super super helpful friendly enthusiastic sales lady. She brings me probablly 8 pairs of shoes and i choose one pair 99.99 thats not too bad and if I choose to buy a second pair in the next 7 days i take in my reciept and i will get 1/2 off!!  SWEET!! I might do this cause your not supposed to wear outdoor shoes in the gym. We will see though.

As for my run, I went to the rec center again as I really love the treadmill. I walk past the gym door ( wich is glass) there is one man in there in his late 30's and average looking, immediatly I smile :) this is good, I get through the change room and walk past him and smile. I stop at the treadmill and get my MP3 ready, CRAP the week 2 podcast is missing, Oh well im here to run so I ran week one on a 1% incline. Now I believe that everything happens for a reason and I have been pretty nervous about uping the anty. However running the week one podcast with my new runners i rocked it !!!!!! It seemed to pass too fast and that makes me a bit sad I actually was comfortable enough to read the closed vaption on the news! Although I wore thin ankle socks and halfway through and my shoe rubbed my ankle pretty bad. I was still able to finish my run and it will be okay by morning. The pain in my chest didnt return and the pain in my calf I was able to run through.  My one leg was a bit sore but i think thats because of overcompensating because of the blister.

After I got off the treadmill I felt amazing, with sweat pouring down my face I realised that the people had changed but I could care less. I felt great !! I go back the the change room to shower as i will not have time and we are going to a friends house for dinner. I am suddenly a little concerned, now we are talking about showering in a semi public place. ICK my husband threw in a towel and its not a large one so i cover what i can of myself and go to the shower. The screaming hot shower feels great ! I can feel something pouring off my body with the hot water, i dont know if it was energy or stress or pain, but it felt sooo good. I finish my shower not wanting to leave the hot water and get myself changed. My husband the sweetheart that he is packed me and extra pair of underpants without me asking. I go outside and wait for him to pick me up in teh sunshine i write in my personal journal and debate my newfound love for running.

here are some of my thoughts on running. First of all I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and well its a huge rush !! You just feel like your on top of the world its amazing !! there is an energy that hits about 7 or 8 minutes in when you get past the pain, the energy is primal and instinctive. Its such a pure feeling, its liek what your doing is exactly what you should, your body takes over and your head just focuses on the sweat pouring down your forehead and the sound of your feet hitting the ground. Its really very very inspiring. I can honestly say that I inspire myself. I love that my feet take over and my mind gets a break. I love running, and i love my shoes too. To me the shoes really represent the level of seriousness I have invested in me. Its great to put myself on the priority list. A huge thanks to everyone who has supported me, with words of encouragement, the words really do build up in my heart. thank you all sooo much.

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  1. I'm glad you came back to the shoes - because you are *so* worth it! For a number of years I've been in the Mom rut where everyone else's needs always seem more urgent & important than my own, but once in a while I manage to shake that off & buy something for myself, and I think it's important to do that...acknowledge one's own importance. You're worth the $150 dollar pair, too :) Go back & get that second pair!

    I'm really enjoying reading your blog & am happy when I open the page to see a new entry. You make me want to start running again!