Saturday, September 18, 2010

YES I CAN .... Recover

Well after some much needed sleep, I feel much more able to handle the emotions that poured out last night with my struggle as I ran. I know that I will overcome this and many more, but saying that and doing it are two very very different things. The raw open wound that was once a blister is still very sore and very red, the other foot has recovered almost completely. I noticed today that my body seems to think itself very hungry and very tired. However life with 3 kids you do not get to stop and sleep and eat and recover. The stress in my household has become very stressful lately and I feel that weighing on me a lot. I worry that if i cannot change this situation that I will become very miserable and it will be very hard to continue. I worry about so much I am worried that in my life I have bitten off more than I can chew. I really want to go run just as an emotional escape from the chaos that is my life.


  1. Lots of people confuse thirst for hunger, many of the physical effects are the same. Try drinking a big glass of water or two & waiting half an might find that the hunger goes away, or can be satisfied with less food. For me, thirst = headaches. Where I used to pop an ibuprofen, now I drink a big glass of water & wait 20 mintues - that often does the trick!

  2. Running was a huge stress buster for me too, I started when my marriage was dying & I needed an outlet sooooo badly. It worked for that, until the stress started manifesting itself as chest pains & I had to stop while the docs ran a zillion tests to determine that I was healthy (but stressed :-) I haven't started running again since due to time constraints, but I am in such a better place emotionally these days. Now I want to start again to make my body happy - loved that feeling of a well-running machine that I had after a few months of running. I miss that, the old aches & pains are coming back. So, emotional well-being and general comfort in one's own body are two other important measures of progress - it's not all about pounds & inches, and when those plateau for a while (as they inevitably will), realize that your body is doing important work in those other areas too, which can be harder to measure but are oh, so important!