Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The dilemma of the shoes

Well, needless to say that after a week of running and 4 days of walking my son to school and back home , then the same to pick him up. I have learned that my 10$ Wal-mart runners really aren't doing it. My 2 littlest toes on my left foot are raw, not even blistered. I noticed in my last run that my calves hurt, i wonder if its my posture or something I'm doing or it very well could be the lack of support in my shoes. So tomorrow I am going to buy running shoes, Ick another situation where I feel awkward but what the hey its cant be that bad after-all. I have to weigh myself and while i don't expect any loss id really like to see any. Also it has been brought to mt attention that i should keep track of inches, so tomorrow morning i will once again weigh in and measure. I am starting to struggle with cutting down on the pop and its getting harder and harder. I must remember that I CAN !!!

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