Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ready to Run


Ive been struggling the last week the weather has been really gray and it affecting me. Today is a running day and I have not been looking forward to it, I don't know why cause when I'm done i usually feel great. Anyways I decide at random to hop on the scale, and to my VERY VERY large surprise, I'm down to 285.6 SWEEEETTTTT!!  Almost 3 weeks ago I hopped on and it read 290.8 ... WAHOOOO !! I cant wait to run tonight !! I am starting to feel that the day is coming when someone who doesn't know I'm trying looks at me and says... "have you lost weight ?" then I can say why yes I have ;) I really feel that loosing 30 pounds by Christmas is possible!! Oh wait its only 25 now :) that's 95 days to loose 25pounds .. hell yeah I can do that !!!


I just got home from an evening run at the gym, I still can't believe that I am okay walking into a gym full or men various ages and conditions and I'm okay with that. I felt good putting my tank on knowing that I've lost 5 pounds, I'm sure I make very little difference on the outside. But I feel good. A man ran beside me and he ran FAST!! I found myself feeling sluggish at the speeds I usually run at, so I ran a full decimal point faster, I usually run at a 7 or 7.2 tops and today I ran at 7.9 but more often 8.4 !! I guess the results are motivating, or maybe it was the guy beside me. I don't really care which It was a good feeling. I must admit though at about 1/2 way my roll around my center hit the stop button by accident. My feet are tired and my calves are a bit sore but I didn't take my normal dip in the hot-tub so I hope that it will work its self out when I go to bed. Thanks so much for everyone who has and continues to support me in my journey, your positive comments and messages mean a lot to me thanks :)

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